Finding job opportunities on social networking sites

Now more than ever the Internet is taking a stance when we search for a job or a career change. Websites like myspace, and now facebook, used to be just limited by teens who like to chat with their friends online a lot. But now adults are signing up for an account with these social networking sites.

Here is a simple explanation of how online social networking websites can help you get a new job: it is not just what you know, but also who you know. Networking is always a hard task when you or your friends and other connections are always working and have different schedules. But internet changes this problem. There are lots of good quality social networking sites ok the web, but for proessionals who are seeking a new job can have a one good stop to their quest at the LinkedIn website. This site is increasingly gaining popularity even though some of it’s premium features are only limited to paid users. 

LinkedIn is better than myspace for it offers not only the networking capability but also have users who are totally motivated and are there for a reason – for users showcases their resumes there. A recent study done by a research firm concluded that more than half of the jobs are found through networking with other people. 

One unique benefits of these sites is that it helps you keep track of others when you or the other party moves away to different. It can indirectly expand the networks since the person who moved will meet new people. 

Survey by AfterCollege Inc dicovered that half of the employers they surveyed think information prospective employees post online are important to them. About 40% of employment managers use Google to check on job applicants and 12 % of them use social networking sites. But keep in mind, skills and training still play the major role after you score an appointment with recruiter through your close networks.


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