How Long Does A Tax Return or Refund Take to Get Processed?

Do you know when the the tax return is due? Your 2008 income tax return is due, unless you file for an extension until Oct. 15. But don’t wait until the due date because it can be too late since it takes time to complete, send and process the tax return. Delay in tax return filing can result in fines or refunds being delayed. So how long does a tax return take time to get processed? And when do you receive a tax refund? It will depend on how you filed your taxes, when you send them, etc. People who chose the option for direct deposit will ofcourse get the refund first since there is no mailing involved. But the general idea is that if you file tax online, that is efile, then it will take less them to reach to IRS compared to if you file on paper and mail them.

After that, it takes the same time for everybody to have their tax return to get processed for refund payment. IRS website has build a tool called Where is My Refund. There you put in your social security number, your filing status ( whether single or married) and the amount you are expecting to get back. In total, it usually takes between a week and 2 weeks to get the whole tax return to process at the irs tax department


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