How to Become Rich Fast?

It is very unlikely to find a person who doesn’t want to become wealthy. Many just want to achieve a comfortable life later someday in their life. Ever imagined why they are pushing it for someday later one and not now? Because they don’t know how to become rich fast. There are many ways to make money and far more to spend. You have to evaluate them and get rid of the ones that will make you poor while utilizing the ones which will help you create wealth quickly.

Best Ways to Get Rich Quickly

Don’t work for others: you will never become rich quickly if you work for other people. This is because no matter how good and hard you work your employer will make all the money. Even if the profits are shared with you and you also receive commission, 100% of that money didn’t go into your pocket. Instead, the company kept most of them. Now think about what if that company was privately and solely owned by you, all the sales and profits go into your own bank. Start up your own business in a field that you know very well.

Nice guys finish last: since you want to become rich fast and last, you don’t want to be very nice. This is true; just very recently there was a study published in WallStreet Journals and other respected newspapers that found out that people who are less agreeable make higher paychecks. This stand true in our own daily life too; at work, for example, people who are nice tend to be less assertive and thus avoid negotiating higher salary even though they work as hard as if not better than other people.

Law of supply and demand: it says whenever there is less supply of a commodity in a consumer market, the demand for that commodity will increase. This eventually leads to increase in price. On the other hand, if that commodity is supplied in excess, the demand will eventually decline and so will the price. Keeping that in mind, to become rich fast, it is good idea to be in the business market where you can sell products and offer services that lack supply but have a huge demand. That way you will be able to make a lot of money fast.

Have a game plan: this world is competitive; only few can become wealthy. Not because everybody is not smart; but because if everybody has a lot of money then it would be same. Nobody would be called rich and wealthy; these terms are comparative – you want to become rich and wealthier compared to other people. It’s a competition to get on the throne, and you need make a game plan. The only difference in this game is you are going to focus on yourself only; forget other people. Write down your goals for how much you will make, steps you will take to reach that goal, and a backup plan if don’t succeed.

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently:  Everybody is in the business of making money, but why only few people become filthy rich and many don’t even make enough to earn a living out of it. That’s because people who become rich fast do their business differently. For example, take a look at guys who made Google. Let’s forget about their name and biography for a second and focus on how they became billionaires. They looked at search engines differently that companies like Yahoo and MSN, who didn’t think about how important the search engine would become. Tom of MySpace became rich overnight because he created website for people to make friends free online when nobody else would.

Don’t just imitate: if you are not creative enough to think differently, then it is ok to imitate other people to become rich quickly. The only catch is that you have to duplicate their successes as well. Can you do that? Many imitators try and fail; look at iPad knock offs. Apple iPad is still the top selling tablet and many imitators are losing a lot of money since their tablets have no buyers. It is possible to duplicate the success as well, however. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook did; he not only created a site similar to Tom Anderson’s MySpace but is also making tens of millions of dollars. That’s an epitome of get rich fast.


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