How to Embed Image in My eMail – Yahoo Mail or Hotmail

It is very easy to send pictures and images through email these days. Especially if you use Yahoo mail, you know how simple they have made attach the images, whether they be jpg, jpeg, or gif formats. But a lot of people don’t know how to embed the image within the body of the email. Yes, you can insert the pictures inside the email instead of attaching them. That way the person who is receiving the email doesn’t have to open it up by downloading it. 

Here are some simple and easy ways to embed images inside the emails of Yahoo Mail and Hotmail:
Hotlinking – hotlinking is when you link to images that are uploading in another website. So what you do is that you upload your pictures in image sharing sites like picsa, flickr, etc. From there you get the url address of the image you are trying to embed inside the mail. You insert that image url inside your email body. That’s it.

Drag and Drop – you can also try dragging and dropping the photos inside your mail. This one works with hotmail. You drag the image you want to insert and drop it inside the body of your email.

Within Signature – email service providers such as yahoo and hotmail enable senders to add signature at the end of their email. Users can use the signature space to embed the images.
Use Outlook Express – If you use Outlook Express, you can easily embed photos without any hassle.

Through iPhone or iPod Touch – If you use Yahoo mail or hotmail on iphone or ipod touch, it automatically adds the photo inside the email without attaching it. 

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