How to Get A Good Night Sleep?

Sleep by definition is when our body is in rest. But we have to realize that even thought our external body is calm and in resting position, out internal bodily environments are still active. If it isn’t, we aren’t alive. That’s why sleep is divided into two major types of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non Rapid Eye Movement (non REM). Researchers have been finding evidence that shows lack of normal sleep can put people risk for cardiovascular diseases, etc. Even thought too much sleep in unhealthy, experts claim we should get atleast 8 hours of sleep every night – a good sleep. So how do we achieve a good night sleep? 

We live a hectic life, where our schedule doesn’t always stay the same due to which we don’t get to go to bed at the same usual time, nor are we always able to keep the same amount of sleep every night. There are many factors contributing to this lack of normal sleep levels. But we can take some steps to improve our sleep, and be able to wake up in the morning fresh and with a joyful mood.

First of all, you have to be physically active which forces your body to demand a rest and a nice sleep. So you should try getting a regular physical exercise. Secondly, our mind or brain plays a huge role. We have to tame our mind, meaning don’t go to sleep feeling very depressed or sad. Instead make plans about how you are going to work or get rid of these stressful situations before going to bed. That makes you feel that you have gotten control over yourself and shuts off your mind.

There are also healthy foods that you can add to you daily diets to solve the insomnia. Cauliflower, spinach and bok choy are couple of foods that is recommended. Natural carbohydrate diet fruits and vegetables are very helpful. They raise the serotonin levels that act as a natural tranquilizer and improve moods and relieve depression. You can also try listening to soft and slow music.


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