How to Keep myself awake at night?

Tips for keeping yourself awake. Although it is highly recommended by health professionals to get a regular sleep during the night, there are times when we have to keep ourselves stay awake during night time. It could be the last minute school assignments that needs a special attention to get done before going to classroom next morning or it could be sleep over you are having with friends. Most importantly, what if you have to drive at night? You really have to stay alert then. For these kinds of similar reasons, we have collected a list of top tips that will help you stay awake all night long to do your things: 

One of the best things you could do to stay awake all night long is to sleep as much as you can on the night before or you can take a plenty of nap during the day as well.

Caffeinated beverage – one of the top suggestions that anybody will give you for staying up late night is to drink coffee. Of course, that’s because the caffeine in the coffee won’t let you go sleep very easily. But what if you are ok with the stimulant effects of caffeine but don’t like hot drinks like coffee? Then you got another option – go for a cold soda pop. Almost all the soda pops like Coke Coca cola and Pepsi contain caffeine in it for taste, unless it specifically denies it. You can also opt for a plain water to be neutral.

Avoid sugary foods and eat hot spicy foods. Else you will suffer insomnia that night.

Don’t get too comfortable. Else you will fall sleep very easily just by lying down in the bed or sitting on a comfy chair or couch. Instead trying standing on your feet or sitting on a hardwood or steel chair. Remember discomfort keeps you alert.

How about some physical work out? A lot of people might wonder if physical exercise will worn you out and make you fall asleep. But actually, a strenuous physical exercise can have an opposite effect on your body. Instead of tiring you out, you will feel more energetic and stimulated both physically and mentally.

Cold shower can help people stay alert after as well. If shower is not an option, go to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face and arms at the least.

Rough loud music can do the magic. We know low volume, slow, soft music is used in therapies to help people who are unable to sleep. But to stay awake, you can use loud, rough music, hip hop music with good amount of lighting in a bright room.

Talk on the phone. Choose an interesting, lengthy topic to chat about. Unless you are driving on the road, you can talk on the phone with someone you like to talk to keep your mind from shutting off. 

Ready scary books. It will keep you awake. Leave romance and hard to understand textbook behind. They will just bore and strain you out very easily. Do it in a healthy way though, you don’t want to be a habitual insomnia.


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