How to Kiss a Guy for the First Time

Whether you are a guy or a girl, kissing for the first time can be bit stressful. There are some tips that almost everybody seem to agree upon how to kiss a guy for the first time. Here we will list some advices and keys things that you need to know before you take steps to kiss a boy whether you two have been together for just few hours or few months.

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Tips on How to Kiss Your boyfriend for the first time

The top secret is that there is no secret in reality. If there was any top secret tip or tricks to kissing your boyfriend for the first time, then you would know it first hand. Everybody is different and it is hard to discuss this topic without really knowing the person. Actually, it is all about just feeling and enjoying the moment of kissing him, not getting stressed about how to do so. You have to let go your anxiety so that he feels the same way of calm and relaxation.

It doesn’t matter who initiates the kiss, but if you had to begin it be sure that you are not sending any wrong message to your boyfriend. Chew a mint, if your breath smells bad. And the best place to kiss for the first time is to do in a private place because you don’t want to embarrass the guy who is not used to kissed by a girl, or atleast you. You can also make the kiss more romantic by holding his hand by one of your hands and face with the other.

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Well what if its my exboyfriend and we only broke up because i moved but im going back there soon and he said he wanted me to kiss him. what do i do?

bla bla bla on May 7, 2011 : 

Victoria on May 15, 2011 : 
My boyfriend really want to kiss me.. But im really nervous. He has been wanting to kiss me for the past week. It will be my first kiss. I promised him i would kiss him tomorrow at school, after lunch… I dont know what to do. If anybody hase a tip or two, i would love to hear it.

Unknown on May 17, 2011 : 
U should do it

I loved nick now I dont on May 31, 2011 : 
Not enough advise this stinks 

a guy that knows on May 31, 2011 : 
if you’re on this website, you’re overthinking this, trust me. Guys aren’t very judgmental about kissing. I mean you should always try to have fresh breath and not dry lips, but other than that the entire thing is completely natural. Don’t think about it while you’re doing it. Just pucker up and go in for it. If this guy likes you or loves you, then he will love being kissed by you. No matter whether or not you’re “doing it right.” So please, stop worrying so much and just go do it.

linds423 on June 16, 2011 : 
just give him a friendly kiss,wats the worst that could happen?

Anonymous on July 22, 2011 : 
how do i kiss him on the lips side to side and ask him if we can make love??

Clueless on September 10, 2011 : 
There is this guy I like, and I want to make a move but I get so stupid and nervous!!! And he may think I’m cute but… Idk!!! Can any one help me PLEASE!!?
Clueless and Desperate,

Anonymous on September 21, 2011 : 
kiss and hug the old man you love and what in your life for the rast of school year oor what

hopefull on November 12, 2011 : 
ok. i have been dating this guy who is like 3 years older than me. and he is my first boyfriend.
plus. i have never kissed a guy. he tryed to kiss me but i told him no. i didnt cus’ i dont know how. and i told him give me a 1 week…. as of today, its been 2…
what do i do… please help nickname


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