How to make car ready for winter weather

As a driver, you might feel confidant enough to drive in any kind of road and weather. But is your car ready to face the hazardous winter weather. Here are some important tips about how to prepare your car for cold, harsh winter. The most important component of your car is it’s tire. Tires are supposed to have atleast half of the original tread still intact; this helps tire come out of snowy roads. Get mud and snow tires, which are also known as all season tires.

Tires are usually required to have at least 35 psi (pounds per square inch), but of course the range varies from bar to another. Experts say the with every drop of 10 degree in temperature, tire pressure loses 1 psi. So be sure to inflate the tires regularly.

Clean glass inside to reduce glass from fogging too much and outside to help with glares during night. Also make sure head and tail lights are working. Always put safety first.

Car batteries are supposed to be replaced every five years; if that’s little too expensive, you have to make sure battery, cables, connections, alternator and other devices are functioning properly. You can include these check up services while doing routine car maintenace at an automotive shop.

Very important, but most neglected, one us emergency kit. Be sure to have this kit in your car trunk or somewhere; it will contain flashlights, blankets, ropes, shovels, gloves, hats, and booster cables.

Small things that can make a big differences during winter driving are lock de icer, windsheild scraper, lubricant or penetrator. Easy to install remote car stater is great for warming up your car before you sit on the driver seat.

If your car is parked outside often times, why not get an extension cord that you can plug into the vehicle’s engine or battery heater and save it from freezing below zero temperature. You can use a timer to set I up for few hours before you cold morning drive to work.


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