How to Make My Computer Internet Connection Faster?

Is your home internet connection very slow? Before you jump onto blame the slow internet and web browsing speed on connectivity, you have to make sure that indeed it is your ISP (internet service provider) problem. Sometimes it could also be your computer, or if you are using a laptop with a wifi router that could be the source of problem too. Here are some of the reasons why your home computer’s internet connection is very slow and how you can make it faster free of charge. These tips will also improve the performance of your computer.

First of all, what web browser do you use to surf the internet? Internet Explorer is probably what you use, but consider using Mozilla Firefox instead. Firefox is not only faster, but it has lot of extensions or add-ons that you can use with it for free. Google has already released its own web browser called Chrome, which is very simple but fast at the same time. Another thing is what you add onto your web browser, if you add a lot of tools such as bookmark toolbars, yahoo toolbars, etc it would slow down your web surfing speed.

Also check your web browser to see if you haven’t made it complicated and difficult for them through different network connections.  For that, open up the Internet Explorer and click on “Tools” option at the top left hand. Then select “Internet Options” tab followed by “Connections.” Now click the “LAN settings” button and see if you find any check marks in any of the options listed. If you see any checkmarks, please deselect them. Then click Ok or Apply button. 

Now if you have come here to find a software or tool to download that will enhance your web speed, consider yourself lucky. Because there is a free tool that you can download from an entrusted source Google; it is called Google Web Accelerator.  And it does speed up you surfing speed, making it seem like as if you have made your internet connection faster. It is just another internet speed booster.

One thing you have to realize that everything has a limit, including the limited speed of your internet connection provided by your ISP  (internet service provider). So we can not surpass the speed that you internet connection originally comes with it, what we can do is reach the fastest speed that is available through your ISP. Dial up (old fashioned) phone internet connection is very slow, Broadband high speed is bit faster and the fastest internet connection is provided by Cable Internet Providers, because they don’t use the phone line.  So remember we are only trying to reach the top potential speed that is possible.

A technical strategy to boost the speed of your internet would be to either rebuild your computer’s Winsock or use Tweaktester. Winsocks or Windows Sockets is what your Windows computer use to control the input and output datas. But they can sometimes be congested ad damaged to some extent by Spywares and softwares. This happens every day using normal usage. So sometimes professionals reset it using Winsock utility softwares to rebuild them. On the other hand, Tweaktester tool works with Recieve Window of your XP operating system. By default Recieve Window is set to a value much too low for today’s modern high-speed Internet demands. So you can change this to a larger number that improves the internet performance. There is also something called OpenDNS that is widely proclaimed as a good internet speed booster

Last and most important, if your internet connection has gotten slower all of a sudden it could be due to malicious adware spware virus softwares running in your computer without your knowledge. There are lot of free anti virus scanning softwares on the web but they will charge you to repair or delete these viruses after they find them for you. So it is a better idea to buy a software to start with because the free or trial ones doesn’t work all the way. Also consider installing virus protecting softwares and leave it on all the time.

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