How to tell if the guy really likes you?

How to tell if the guy really likes you? There are guys who will come straight to the girl and tell he would like to take her on a date. But there are other guys who are afraid to admit to you that he likes you. It could be that he thinks you are better than her and thus he is not your worth. But regardless of the reasons, if you want to know the behavior and signs that he does like you then continue reading:

The guy self sacrifices for you – when the girl forgets her purse and the guy goes to get it. What is it? It’s love. The act of selflessness for you can be as simple as helping you open the door for you. Boys usually don’t do these gentleman acts.

He cancels his meet up with his bros – he had plans to hang out with his friends. But after you ask him if he can walk you to the college, he cancels throws away plans with his buddies.

He goes along with your girly stuff – he goes out to watch romantic movies with you. He tolerates nSync music on his car. And he is very attentive to what you have to say even if it’s a girly topic.
You never have to leave a voice message for him – ever wondered why you never heard his “please leave me a message” on his cell phone voice mail? That’s because he always answered your phone call and thus never got to the far end of the ringing to make you leave a message.

He surprises you with his knowledge about you – anybody who likes music or electronic gadgets would search about them online, they guy who likes you would be knowledgeable about you. He would have done his homework – looking you up on facebook profile or myspace page.

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