How to transfer pictures from cell phone to computer?

Are you wondering how do you download pictures from your cell phone to computer without texting but by direct transfer? Then you are in the good place to get the step by step guide. We will show you all the tricks you can use to send cell phone pictures to your computer fast and  easy. All the images save on your mobile phone can be transferred and saved on your computer with any of the easy ways, although some of the step guide not work on all the phones depending on manufacturing and service configurations but you can give try to the ones you find best.

Bluetooth – this is probably the best and easy way to send pictures from your phone to the computer. This process is free; the only condition is that you have to stay in a close range to your computer while doing the transfer. Almost all new cell phones now a days are bluetooth enabled. So only thing you need is a bluetooth usb adapter or a stick for your computer. Once bluetooth finds connection between the computer and the phone, there should be no problem. Send Picture messaging – this is same like text messaging, except you are sending the picture message. You can send image messaging to your own email. After that go to your computer that is connected to the internet; there go to your email and then open or download the image to your computer. Data Kit: For this process all you need is your cell phone along with the kit that came with hit and the computer. Cell phone kit will include the cable or usb, cd and the manual. Now first download the phone cd software to the computer and after that hook your phone up using the usb cable. Usually the software program will automatically recognize your phone. After that open up the picture folder and either drag or right click them to save onto your computer. Memory cards – some cell phone manufacturer have made removable memory cards in the phone. That way you can take out the memory cards that have picture saved inside. Then put that memory card to the computer and then do the easy transfer for files. This process is probably the easiest and simplest if you have the removable cards to insert and upload the pictures to any folders of your computer.

Infra red to upload the picture from cell phone to computer – this option is not widely used. But here is how it works: you plugs the infra red device to your computer’s USB port. Your phone’s infrared and the infrared cable device have to be position in straight line and within visible range to each other.

Windows media or other program – if your phone any of the advanced smart phone programs such as windows media program, it can help your easily upload the pics to your computer notebook too.

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