Siddhartha Herman Hesse – Contentment & Experience

Siddhartha was born in a Brahmin family. Although he had all the prestige of this higher caste system, he decides to leave because he doesn’t find satisfaction in the ascetic lifestyle and learning. Then he travels around and encounters a courtesan along a river stream; he gets involved in a sensual pleasure lifestyle – completely opposite of the lifestyle he lived previously. But he doesn’t find satisfaction in that either and goes back to the river body. He thinks about committing suicide; however, he eventually meets a ferryman who teaches how to live a life. The ferryman says that he learned from many years of studying the river. Siddhartha learns that just the water of the river goes through many different phases of precipitation, rain and stream, life works in a similar way. The lesson of the story was that you have to live a life in order to learn from it.


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