The National Student Nurses Organization

National Student Nurses Association is one of the largest nursing student organizations; it has over 53,000 members around the country.  It provides futures nurses with “educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance” (NSNA, 2010).

NSNA publishes their magazine named Imprint five times a year to the student nurses members.  The membership is open to any nursing students, who are pursuing their Associates, Diploma, Baccalaureate, Masters, Doctoral degree for Registered Nurse licensure.  The membership application cost between $30 to $35 depending on application status such as new membership, renewals or paying for two years in advance.

The NSNA has developed affiliations with many corporations such as Bank of America, Barnes and Noble, Delmar Cengage Learning, United Healthcare, NSO, and NSNA Leadership U.  These organizations provide discounted products and services to the NSNA members.  The members also have the option to join other nursing organizations at reduced rates; these organizations include American Holistic Nurses Association, The American Organization of Nurse Executives, Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses, Emergency Nurses Association, Oncology Nursing Society, and the Academy of Neonatal Nursing.

The NSNA hold two large conventions a year; over 3,000 nursing students participate in NSNA’s Annual Convention that features nursing leaders talk about job opportunities and state board exam mini review.  There is also another Mid-Year Conference in where over 1,500 nursing students participate in the activities.

Therefore, although the nursing student can join the NSNA for an inexpensive price of about $30 but it can become expensive since many nursing students are short on money and the NSNA membership needs to be renewed every year and there is a renewal fee.  However, there are also benefits to joining this organization as the students get discounts when purchasing products and services from stores like Barnes and Noble as well the reduced membership fees on other nursing organization partners.


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