Things Girls Like to Hear From Guys

Are you thinking of things to say to a girl who you like but not sure? There are things that girls want and love to hear in between communication with men. Whether that girl is your girlfriend, wife or a girl that you have a crush on, you might want to consider some of these key phrases to melt her hearts for you. They love to hear them and every men or boyfriend should learn to communicate these because they work as a charm:

I Love You: This one is a surefire, whether she is already in relationship with you or in process. This three lovely words help rekindle and remind your women that you love her even though you weren’t able to spend much time together.

You Are Perfect for Me: If you really like this girl from the bottom of your heart, you already know she is perfect for you. Then why hesitate to let her know why you feel she is right and perfect for me. You can even add that she is the women who makes your life complete.

How Was Your Day: We hear this phrase almost every time we see our work colleagues or friends. But we don’t know if they really mean it. However, if a guy says this to a girl it makes the girl really feel important and makes her realize that the guy cares about her day to day lives.

You Look Very Beautiful: Women loves compliment about their looks and beauty. Once in a while do remind her that she is indeed a cute girl. Women are very self-conscious about their looks, and this phrase brings up their self esteem. If you want to go to extreme, “You are prettier than your friends and sisters.”

What Do You Think about this: Women loves attention, especially when men act submissive to intelligence of women. For example, ask her “what do you feel about this?” It also shows that you intend to bring her into your life for a long term they way you ask her questions. Girls love guys who gives a lot of attention to them.


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