What to eat to speed up your metabolism

Metabolism is a process of breaking down and digesting foods that we eat. But not all foods are easy to digest. Although our physical activity, hormones, genes and other factors do influence metabolism a lot, the food that we eat has some effect as well. Because there are foods that helps speed up our metabolism. Choose the right foods to help your body burn more fat and calories faster. Yes, you can lose weight while you eat these foods: 

Protein is a good nutrient and especially helps build muscle mass. In the case of metabolism, we have listed it as our top contender to boost up the metabolism. This is because internal systems of our body feels full for a longer period of time when we eat food, thus our brain nervous system tell our digestive system to process them since there are plenty of them. Whey protein is a good example food.

Yogurt is not only good source of protein, but now a days it comes with lots of live active bio bacterial cultures that are good for digesting foods. So yogurt add more to what we already have in our stomach to metabolize the food faster.

Beans comes with both protein and fiber. Fibers fills you up faster so even though you might eat less, but the food you ate will be processed faster and sooner. You can try eating high fiber fruits such as apples and berries, vegetables and grains.

Turkey and chicken are two of the best meat that will help speed up your metabolism. This is because they are lean and easy to process; they also contain good amount of protein to rev up you body metabolic index or BMI.

Pepper is a also a good food ingredient that you can add to your meals to speed up your metabolism. It contains capsaizin which has been shown to help boost metabolism. Cayenne pepper and jalapeno pepper are good examples. Pepper has thermogenic properties that heats up our body system when eaten; so our body burns down calories when we eat such foods.


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