Why Won’t My Car Start

There can be many reasons why your car won’t start up at all. Best thing you can do to solve this problem is to take it to the auto repair shop; but if you are afraid of taking your car to an expensive mechanics, here are some things you can do along with some trouble shooting guide and help tips. First of all read your car’s manual and most importantly, see if your car is still within the warranty ( and if it is then you shouldn’t do anything but report the problem straight to you car dealer).

Most common reason why car doesn’t start is due to dead battery, where you only hear a clicking on when turning the key. It’s a very simple problem since you can very easily replace it or recharge it if in new condition. If the battery is more than 5 years old, it is better not to jump start it. Discharged or dead battery often happens as a result of keeping lights on for a long time.

These days a lot of cars comes with either computer-chipped key or immobilizer. Immobilizer will not let the engine start if the key inserted is not the right one. It could also be due to the key needing to be reprogrammed.

Ok this one might sound dumb, but check the fuel. If there aren’t any gas fuel left in the tank, why would car start or run for that matter. Same thing would be with the oil; low oil pressure could result in total death of an engine. When you see a low oil pressure light, don’t try to start the car again. Just take it to the repair shop. Be sure to protect your engine compartment from water; water can easily short-circuit and ruin the engine components. This one could be easily fixed by auto mechanic but it is important to keep your car always tuned up on time.

If the car won’t turn at all, first check to see if you parked the car wheels turned all the way to one side. If that’s so, there is too much pressure in the steering lockthat it can’t let the key to turn. To solve this problem, consult the mechanic. He will probably force the steering wheel in each direction to release the pressure while attempting to turn the key.

Now what if engine run, but the car won’t move? The troubleshoot guide help will depend on whether you car carries a manual transmission or the automatic transmission. In the cars with automatic transmission, you have to you check the transmission fluid level with the engine running in Park.  If the fluid level is very low level or there is no fluid on the dipstick, first shut off the engine so that you won’t make any further damages to the transmission.  Take it to the auotomotive repair shop.  In some cases, a leak can be repaired fairly easily without a lot of charges.

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