You can order pizza from tv

Everybody knows that they can order pizza on the phone, but it is surprising to note that very few use Internet to order pizza online. Either they don’t know they can order on the web, or it is due lack of accessibility to a computer that is hooked onto the Internet. 

Now pizza food eaters have one more option at their disposal while deciding not to go to the pizzaria store or restaurant but rather order it from the comfort of their home TV. Yes now you can order pizza via TV. Just use TV remote control to choose Yes I Want It option on Tivo sets. TiVo is a digital recording device that records and saves tv program for user to watch them later. The TiVo Inc had partnered up with Domino’s pizza. TiVo users will see an ad for Domino’s and if viewers like it they click to order on. Within 30 minutes, the pizza will me at the door.


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