An easy way to send your cell phone calls to landline home phone automatically

Almost everybody owns a cell phone now a days – from teenager kids to or in poor countries. Number of cell phone users in the future are projected to grow at rapid pace. So many household families are getting rid of landline home phones. But one disadvantage of wireless cell phone over landline is it’s inability or cost of called ID feature and weak connections due to signal conflicts.

Xlink solves that problem – it gives you the capability of cutting the landline phone but at the same time ebales you to keep the important features. Here is how it works: with xlink, you can connect the wired phones in you home to the service of your Bluetooth capable cell phone – this way when your phone rings, you get to see the called id information and also take the call to talk on. If your wireless connection varies from place to place in your house, be sure to have the cell phone placed in an area where it gets the best signal reception. Xlink can connect upto three cellphone numbers to your home phone network.
There are two xlink models this far. Xlink BT cost $80 and is for those who have already got rid of home phone cord. Xlink BTTN cost $110 and it let’s you add your cell phone numbers to your existing wired system.

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