What To Do If Your Computer Got Infected With Virus?

There are times even when we have anti virus software installed and turned on our computer, it gets infected with malicious viruses – most notorious one at the moment is Conficker that’s spreading on the web like crazy. But there are things you can do to get rid of the virus. Here are some of the top things you should do when you find out that your computer got virus:

Turn off your home computer network: First and foremost thing you should be doing after you find your computer has virus is to shut down your computer networking such as Wi Fi and LAN as well as file printer sharing network. You don’t want the infected computer to infect other computers and laptops.

If possible, disconnect from the internet for a time being: Just to be on a safe side, you should turn off the internet until you completely destroy and remove the virus. That is because once the viruses get installed on your computer, it has the capability to sending information, even private and confidential, saved on your computer to the hackers. Besides, connecting to the internet gives viruses the possibility to update themselves. Use the firewall programs such as Zone Alarm to block internet traffic.

Run the Anti Virus software: If you have already had the anti virus software installed on your computer before it got infected, either your anti virus software is old and obsolete or you have changed its settings so it scans your computer manually. But either way run a latest anti virus software scan that will not only find the computer viruses but also remove them.

Very Very IMPORTANT: Once after you realize your computer is infected with virus and you have pop ups saying your computer got virus so you should buy this anti virus software program, please stay away from them. They are not trustworthy and might not even work for you. Instead buy a reliable and good reputation anti virus products.

You should leave the auto update the Windows Operating System. A lot of people have changed the default auto update of Windows OS, they shouldn’t do that. Auto update helps computer stay keep up with the latest security holes Computer and Software manufacturer has found.

How about Restore: If you don’t have any important files in the computer or have them already backed up, use the computer restore. Some computers come with restore software while others come pre installed. It will bring your computer back to the way it was when you bought it new – in factory condition. You can check how the restore is done by reading your computer manual. Most of the time, you just follow the instructions on your screen. Roll back to the last point before virus-related problems began. To do so in both Windows XP and Windows Vista, click Start, open All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools, and choose System Restore.

Take it to the computer repair shop: If nothing helps, just visit the computer repair shop. They should be able to repair them. Best Buy’s GeekSquad is most well known for helping people remove virus programs from their computer.

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