Easiest Languages to Learn

It is believed that the world has currently 7,000 different languages used by people around the world. Did you know that there are more native speakers for Chinese, Hindi and Spanish than for English. One billion and five hundred million people speak Chinese, whereas one billion speak English and 5 hundred million speak Spanish on a daily basis. But these statistics don’t tell you what’s the easiest language to learn. It might be surprising for you, but United States State Department has categorized different languages of the world according to the difficulty to learn them.

There are three categories: first category include the Easiest languages to learn which require 600 hours of classwork and study to gain the minimal proficiency. And they are English, Latin and some German origin languages.
Second category includes the Medium level of languages those requiring more than one thousand hours of coursework. These language are Hindi, Slavic, Turkish, Georgian, Hebrew, Swahili and many African languages.
Third category of language are those that are hardest to learn; they are Arabic and Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. It requires over two thousand hours to learn them at minimum proficiency level.

The above list bases the list of easiest language to learn for native English speakers. I personally think language learning difficulty depends on many factors rather than just on the language itself. Factors include such as how many languages you know already, your passion about learning new languages, and the environment you are living in (for example, if you are living or spent a lot of time in a place where the language you are trying to learn is spoken, it will be faster).

Learning different languages can give you an edge over other candidates when applying for a job. A lot of career minded people learn new languages these days.


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