Example of a Dream Diary

My Dream Diary

            October 26, 2012. Friday. 0705. I just woke up and felt that I had a dream within about the last 5 minutes of my sleep. First one was about a girl I had crush on, but she had a boyfriend and dejected me. She was not anywhere to be seen. So I ask her mom if she was missing. Her mom said she did not know but she would call her. I think I dreamed about her because recently I had seen her on Facebook. There were some of her pictures uploaded, and one of them with her boyfriend.

I can’t tell if the next part is relevant to this story or not. But there was somebody who was driving and was being chased by cop’s cars. The car also had a young passenger. A cop came out of his car and shot at the suspect’s car, which blows up in fire and hits a school bus. The school bus also blows up and nobody survives. There dad and uncle of the young kid was arguing later on in front of a judge and at the spot where the school bus blew up and analyzing the school bus. It seemed as if now the dream was telling me that the young kid was not in the car being chased but rather in the school bus from the way the dad and the uncle was discussing.

There was another, possibly irrelevant, dream I had somewhere during the above two dreams. I dreamed about carrying a Mountain Dew soda in my pants pocket that is on the right side of my knee. Eventually, I saw an open can of Mountain Dew on the table and wonder if that is mine. I pulled out my Mountain Dew out of pocket and it was open too, but there it did not wet my pants anywhere. I think I dreamed about Mountain Dew because I was really craving to drink a Mountain Dew that has been on a table nearby my bed, but I did not drink since it was not cold and also did not wanted to stay awake.

I also had a dream about a girl who was very outgoing and was known to have run out from her family with a boy. In my dream, she was doing some sort of volunteering in an elementary school and was being recorded for a television series with a small child. She was wearing only a shorts and a bra, which I thought was inappropriate since it did not appear as if they were nearby a water body for swimming.

Oct 28, 2012. Sunday. 2205. I just woke up and realized that I dreamed few hours ago. That dream was not really clear for me, probably because it did not happen in my last REM cycle. I was dreaming that I had a US army t-shirt and was trying to decide if I should wear it on top of the t-shirt I was already wearing. I was in a public. That’s all I could remember. I think I dreamed about this for two reasons. Firstly, I got that t-shirt few years ago from an Army recruiting officers. Secondly, yesterday I was deciding what I wanted to wear to put an extra layer on top because it was cold.

Oct 29, 2012. Monday. 2210. My mom just woke me up to give her ride to her work. I realized I also had dreamt a little. I couldn’t remember most part of the dream, but here is what I remember. I was sitting in the last row seat of the class being taught by my old music teacher. The class sounded lively. But somehow, I was afraid as if I was directly seeing the teacher even though I was sitting in the end row. This was because students were sitting right behind each other in a near perfect column except me. I could see the teacher straight through from the end seating to the desk she was using. She appeared to be smiling. That’s all I can recall from my dream. Now here is what I think of this dream: this music teacher was a strict one when I was back in India, she had moved to the United States as well few years ago. I was not into music class. However, she thought I was a good mannered student and was a monitor of her class. My responsibility was to keep everybody quiet during the class session.

There were some things very common to all the dreams I had jotted down for this diary: there were no sensations of touch and taste. I also felt color blind and don’t recall what color the objects were. Also, unless I try to recall the dream immediately after walking up, I kept forgetting what I dreamt about. There were few times, however, after having woken up for few hours, I recalled my dream spontaneously after I was thinking about a person, who I had dreamt about. Also, most of my dreams were me getting involved with other people.


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