How Can You Tell If the Guy Will Ever Cheat?

You can always forgive your boyfriend when he does minor mistakes like not doing his chore or leaving cigarette buts everywhere, but cheating on you might be the biggest turn of. It can even lead to breaking up with him and that can be mentally devastating for how long and how much you loved him, and now you are letting him go. So how can you really tell if you boyfriend will ever cheat on you? Are there any special traits or characters of him through with the girl can tell he is likely to cheat? Well according to some experts, there are some tell tale signs:

One of the best predictor is whether he was spoiled as a child and brags about doing bad things like cheating on his exams – his background as a kid. Man who grew up having his needs, desire and wants fulfilled while hurting someone is very prone to cheat. You have to pay special attention to the way he reacts to when getting caught for a bad behavior on his part. A good boyfriend will acknowledge and have a sense of guilt.

Another factor to consider is his career and workplace. Does he work in a place where more women are available to make friends than men? It is all about accessibility to the risk. Does he work long hours and often ends up coming home late in the night from his job? But there is a bigger thing to consider – that is, how much he makes. According to an expert, “Evolution has wired men to understand that the better they are at providing, the more appealing they are to women.” He is talking about your man’s wallet size as an attractive magnet for ladies. Guys making more money have affairs and relationship outside their marriage than those making less.

Then there are his friends. The more his friends are singles, the more he will be lured to check out girls because he will be attending the nightclubs, bachelor parties etc with them. A study of over thousand men have shown that when guys see those around them splitting from their significant others, it tends to encourage them to do the same.


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