How to Get Response to Your Job Application

Sometimes you start to wonder if your job application got lost by the human resource manager or the recruiter in the process of reviewing it. If you are worried and asking yourself “Where’s my job application?” understand this: many companies never bother to get back to job seekers — not even with a rejection. So how do you make sure that you get a response after you fill out and submit the application? Here we will discuss why that business company is not getting back to you and how you can make sure you hear from the hiring manager at the least – whether to hire you or to politely notify you of the rejection or to let you know that someone else has been selected for that job position.

You have a burning question like many employment seekers whether or Will I ever hear back from a hiring manager on my application? A lot of professional high-end job positions requires the prospective employees to fill out both the application and attach the resume along with. Sometime these are done online, other times they are done on hard paper and sometimes both. Either way, you have to read the entire instruction carefully so that you don’t miss out important key points while filling out your application. Filling out the way as it is instructed gives the employer good impression about you, while the not doing so might even disqualify you automatically from the interview. 

Another problem a lot of people face these days are the online job application. Not everybody use computer on a daily basis, and more often than not the online application forms still seem to be in its infancy stage for they are sometimes even confusing for people who use computer on a regular basis. Therefore, always take your time and review everything before clicking on the submit button. Once the application is sent, you can’t do anything. Even though you can fill out the application again, but the first one that you saved and sent still gets saved in hiring manager’s record file. Therefore, make sure you did everything right the first time. This increases your chances of hearing back from this employer.

But as a person who is applying for a job, you have to know that that employer is in a vantage point and thus doesn’t require them to send you a reply or anything. Your best bet is that they will take a look at your application. For that reason, always make sure you write legibly and your contact address and phone number are written in a way they can read and remember easily. Sometimes you can even attempt to say something like “I look forward to hear from you at anytime of your convenience” in your letter. It doesn’t hurt to write them; however, it increases the chances of the human resource person following the message you conveyed. 

That said, someone asked once – How long does it usually take to get a response after applying for a job online or even in a week? It will depend on many factors, but usually it can take anywhere between a week to three weeks. The best tip that many experts seem to offer is that find a friend or contact or someone you can help you give an “upper hand” at that company. Your chances of getting hired goes higher when someone recommends you to their employer. This is also known as a referral and don’t be shy to use that system, which works a lot of time

And finally, should you ever call back to find the status about your job application? That’s a really good idea, but you have to wait at least a week. Usually, after filling out and turning in the application, they tell you after how long you will hear from them; if they don’t mention, ask them at the spot. So wait till the person said he or she will call you, and after that if you don’t receive a call you can make a quick follow up inquiry call and ask them politely if you can take any further steps to join the company.


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