How to save money on gas? Driving Tips, Tricks and Ways.

We all know until we find a new way to run our cars on, gas prices will keep going until. That is because the oil, from where the gas fuel is derived from, is limited resource and eventually we are going to run out of it. So how can we use our car efficiently so less gas is used? What are the ways to save money on gas? Here are some of the things you can do:

In order to save money on gas, you need to use less gas. So how do you do that? There are many different ways to cut on gas usage by your car. First of all, own a car that is gas efficient. Recent hike in gas price has lead car manufacturers to work on making electric or hybrid cars that won’t use gas much as traditional cars. But these new technology electric and hybrid cars are expensive; they can cost as much as seven thousand dollars more. So you have to make a decision whether you will be really using seven thousand dollars worth of gas at all during your car life time, which on average is around 10 to 15 years. So you have to calculate if one would compensate for another. Hybrid cars do use gas, but they use it along with electric power; therefore, it consumes less gas and gives high mileage. Another thing to do is just own a more gas efficient cars. If you don’t need big cars, don’t get one. If you don’t want to live on motor cycle, see if you can opt for a small sub compacts cars such as Ford Focus, Chevy Aveo, Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. These cars are most gas efficient among any classes. Probably you can exchange your gas guzzler with one of these cars totally free and of no cost to you at all.

Also do your researches on with gas station convenient stores usually sell gas cheaper. There are online resource sites where you can check current gas price at your local station. GasBuddy is a good website that many people use to keep track of the price. The day gas is said to be cheapest is on Wednesday. See if you can drive less too. Just take a walk to next door neighbor store without taking a ride. Lose extra weight in your cars. Or if you have to take the car, see if you can park and walk half way on your trip. Leave stuff that you don’t need or use out of your car. Extra stuff just slows down your car pace and thus consumes more gas. Do regular repair and scheduled maintenance on your car as it necessitates. They include cleaning fuel injector, performing oil change and upgrading air filter. Even though it cost money to take your car to automotive shop for tune up, it save you a lot of money on gas in the end. Keep your tired well inflated as recommended by the manufacturer since it influences a lot on gas mileage. Use regular unleaded gas fuel; it is just a waste of money if you fill your tank up with high octane premium fuel if your car doesn’t ask for it. Following these tips should significantly reduce your gas costs.

Use better roads. If you can avoid rough road, do so. If you can take road that doesn’t have too many stop lights and signs, take that one. Stopping and going not only hurts the engine of your car, but wastes gas fuel a lot. So avoid traffic as much as possible. You want to drive on a road where you can drive steadily at constant speed. Easiest way is to drive not too fast but not too slow as well by keeping a steady pace. If you are not sure what speed is too fast, read the signs that say “Speed Limit __” That’s the reason mechanic and experts recommend against running your car idle for long period of time. A quart of gas is wasted every quarter hour (15 minutes) you keep your car running idle.

Your driving habits are a big factor on saving money on gas. If you are driving on a long freeway road, consider using your cruise control. The air condition in your car is not totally free; part of it is coming from gas fuel. So roll up your windows if you are feeling too hot for summer. The best tip to save money on gas is to coast up to traffic stop line by lifting your foot off the gas pedal instead of approaching at stop sign at full speed.

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