Six Primary Feelings

Here is the list of six primary feelings we hear psychologists discuss. Other emotions that each of them encompass are listed next to them:

MADHateful Hostile HurtIrrational Critical SkepticalFrustrated Angry Distant3HSICFAD is MADSelfish Sarcastic Jealous Irritated
SADAshamed GuiltyInferior StupidBored Isolated TiredAG IS BITSADDepressed Lonely Remorseful Apathetic Sleepy
SCAREDHelpless Embarrassed RejectedBewildered Confused DiscouragedInadequate Insecure InsignificantSubmissive OverwhelmedHER BCD III SOSCAREDAnxious
JOYFULJoyful DaringExcited Sensuous Energetic Cheerful Creative Hopeful Fascinating Stimulating Amused Playful Optimistic
POWERFULConfident Aware DiscerningFaithful Appreciated SurprisedPowerfulCADFAS (Face)Proud Respected Important Valuable Worthwhile Successful
PEACEFULNurturing Intimacy TrustingSecure Thankful Responsive PensivePeaceful NIT STRPContent Thoughtful Loving Relaxed Serene

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