What Are The Best Ways to Moisturize My Skin and Face?

Is your skin feeling dry, itchy, kind of red and scaly like as if it hasn’t been washed with water for days? If so, you might want to try putting on lotion and moisturizing cream on your face and elsewhere on the skin. But a lot of people have already tried that and it hasn’t helped them much. Below we will list what expert recommends as the best ways to moisturize your skin tone and face besides moisturizer lotion and cream:

Drink plenty of water: Many times when we dehydrate ourselves our skin starts to show the dryness that our inner body feeling. Drinking enough water also helps our body function better. It helps keep your skin beautiful.

Did you know that you can exfoliate your skin with a scratchy washcloth with moisturizing products in the shower? It helps soothe the irritation that has accumulated in a particular area, but you wash them gently so you don’t tear your skin. Exfoliants are good at removing dead cells that are just laying on your skin.

Baby oil, olive oil, Vaseline, squaline oil and almond oil are good skin moisturizers. You can also mask your skin with mashed avocado, vitamin e powders and honey. They help restore the normal skin moisture. They are hydrating masks.

Use Humectants. It attracts water from the dermis into the epidermis, the top skin layer that we see at the surface. When humidity is higher than 70 percent, humectants can also attract water from the atmosphere into the epidermis.

While washing the skin, see if can use any kind of milky cleanser. They are very gentle and helps easily help the skin that faces extreme dry environment day to day.

Eat foods that makes your skin look and feel healthy: Such nutritious foods include low fat dairy products, vitamin a, berries such as strawberries, blueberries and plums.

Stop smoking and do exercises: they do help bring vibrant tone to your skin. Oxygen and nutrients do not flow as they well when you smoke, instead it depletes the essential minerals from your skin cells. It also causes premature wrinkles around your mouth area from puffing on the cigarette.And don’t poke or squeeze the blackheads or spots. Let them heal naturally.


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