What’s the Difference Between Laptops and Notebooks?

What’s the difference between laptops and notebooks? Are they synonymous to each other or what? More likely than not, you are here wondering what is the difference between laptop and a notebook. Now days, almost everybody seem to use the word notebook and laptop interchangeably. But they don’t mean, at least they weren’t meant to be the same thing. The only commonality between the two of them is that both of them are portable computer. They are much lighter and have display screen attached with the keyboard. They lack big monitor. Here is how we differentiate between notebooks and laptops:

Notebook computers are made specifically mobility put in mind. Notebooks are designed with portability that can be easily carried anywhere and thus in the process lose some computer specifications such as CD or DVD system. On the other hand, laptop is not only made for mobile computing but specifically to replace the desktop computer that is big and heavy. In an essence, laptop is more powerful than notebook since it carries all the features and specifications that desktop computer comes equipped with. Notebook lacks features that aren’t necessarily important for computing such as big display screen size or floppy or CD drives. Laptop always comes with all these and usually they are easily upgradeable. Only advantage of notebooks over laptops is that notebooks are more equipped for mobile computing since they have longer batter life, smaller screen size and weight, and with minimal requirements.

Laptop can easily sit on top your lap, but notebooks sit easier. Laptop has bigger keyboard and better graphics. Notebooks however have longer battery life and lighter in weight. In short, laptop is a smaller version of regular computer, and notebook is a minimal version of laptop. Laptops are bigger in size and thus they are more likely to have larger display screen, more memory storage RAM, and bigger hard drive. With notebook you will have to use external cables to attach to DVD or CD drive to play music, videos or even install software. While all the laptops have internal CD + DVD drive.

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