What Are Some Tution Free Colleges and Universities?

So you want to go to a college or university but don’t have money to pay for the tuition fee? Don’t be afraid, besides financial aid and loan options there are some some colleges and universities that don’t charge any fees at all. There are close to ten institutions where you can get education for free. They are:

Deep Springs College is a two year liberal arts college. All their students are male. The college is located in an isolated place in Inyo-White Mountains of California’s High Desert. They only admit 10 to 15 students each year. In return for a free tuition, room and board, students have to work 20 hours a week on the college’s ranch farm. 

Berea College in Kentucky give a full tuition scholarship to each and every student that is admitted there. But they have to join work study program in return. Room, books and fees are covered while working in one of hundreds of college departments.

Olin College in Neeedham, Massachusetts gives a four years of free tuition education to every admitted student. The school is funded by a $400 million grant from the F.W. Olin Foundation. This free college is no small college; Olin College ranks as one of the top undergraduate engineering programs in the United States. 

UC-Irvine School of Law, Class of ’12 will give 60 students a free tuition scholarship. It is done in an effort to attract the best and brightest students for its inaugural class. The college plans to rely on grants and donations to cover the cost and expenses.


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